The first time they kissed was so awesome that she barely remembered what happened. She just did remind how she felt. Wuauh!!! And the more they kissed, the more she wants from him. His family; specially his mother and juniors brothers, love her. His sisters love her, and they, from time to time shared good moments together. 

The night he invited her to a familiar party. She went with her sister and friends. Actually, his brothers liked her girls. She met his dudes. She enjoyed. She really enjoyed. She danced with one of his bro. And during the song, he told her that he was glad she met his big bro. Because he really loves her. Hoping that they will be together for a long time. She promises she would never let him go. In that moment, she did really mean it. And maybe, in others circumstances, things would’ve been different. Life is though. That night, she just remembered herself laughing a lot. Talking nicely with everyone. Having good home-made food. Having a couple of drinks. But above all, kissing him, loving him, touching him. His hot arms around her. He was up and down, a little bodybusy. But he just made that night magical. He cared about her, he was always there, he made her feel like a princess. Like the sweetest thing, the one and only precious. His precious.

She felt wonderful that night. She felt true love. She felt real emotion. And later, she felt real touch. Yep, the very first time she slept with him. At his place, and in his family, he was the senior, and actually he behaves like a good one. So he has a lovely room. A small and nice bedroom and the biggest place on earth… at least, for her. That little room was her refugee, her rock, her everything. When she was far from him, it was so painful, and she couldn’t wait to go back there, back in his arms. She asked him to make love, she needed his passion. She needed to feel him. He awaked her mind, he turned on her body, she was feeling so happy. Actually she was happy every single day since she met him. And now she needed his touch. She was dreaming with their sweat, and whispers, and love words… she was dreaming with his hot. And it just happened one night.

He was amazed about the fact that she asked him to make her love. Actually he was a little bit in shock. How could it be possible? He was not afraid, just astonished. She was awesome. Amazing. She was much more he could ever imagine. She likes to kiss him, she was amazing doing it. And he only wanted to hold her, touch her, feel her, kiss her. And he was dying to make her love. He was just waiting for the right moment. And the perfect moment comes to them. It just happened.

They shared a really wonderful noon. Long walk, a movie, an ice-cream and a drink with his friends. Later that night, she remembered that he get drunk. She helped him to go to bed and she tried to sleep near him. It was late. She was needy. She could not get some sleep. When she puts him in bed an hour ago, she removed his clothes. He was looking so cute, just like a baby boy. She got naked and laid down near him, on his side. He immediatly holds her and keeps sleeping. She smiled, turned off the light and holds him. Every single time he moved himself, in his sleep, she just wanted him more and more. She stood up looking at the sky from the window. The radio was playing their love songs. And all of sudden he was on her back.

He silently woke up and gave her a kiss, and another one, and another one… They kissed. That was what she liked most in him: he was so romantic, and he liked to surprise her. She learned about his touch, his hands over her, the sensation of his mouth  and lips over her body. They were naked. She easily felt down, he easily catched her. She drove him crazy, he turned her on. The more they touched, the more they wanted and expected from each other. He holds her in his arms. Looked like a doll that night, she was so beautiful. And he was proud of her. She took her to bed and kissed her deeply, caressing her precious body, her perfect breasts, with hard nipples… He was just crazy with those breasts. He realized that the day she asked him to make her love, she did really mean it. The time was perfect. 

And in his hands, he was just discovering with her the most nasty and censored part of fairytale. Wuauh men, she was a fierce!!! She was just a thing… Hot, naughty girl, she was a constant surprise. She knows how to make him feel the best, how to make him feel the only one. She drove him out of his mind. And all of sudden, he could no longer wait to feel her. He loves her, and slowly made her love. He took his time to enjoy her, and to make her enjoy. She started with her love sounds… She got him. She couldn’t beleive how sweet that guy can be with her. He drove her crazy. After wishing for his touch and hot, she finally got him. And when she felt him so deep in her, she couldn’t beleive how happy she was with him.

That first time was just a firework. They spent two days in paradise. His particular honeymoon. They made love again and again and again… And since then, they were much more in love than ever. It was not at all easy, but they were so, but so happy. They just don’t need nothing else while they were together. It took 15 years. But they would’ve ever imagine that those months were time enough to build something so strong that it could resist distance, silence, life and time.

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