I dont want to think about it. It’s just so sadly sad, deeply sad… For all those years, we just really shared some months: the very first ones. I wish i knew it. I wish i’d ever imagine. At least, i would have prepare myself to leave with it… But it’s been 15 years now. And i realise that i’m still alive. Yep, actually, it’s not that hard. Unhappy. Sad, but not hard. How did it started?

I will always remember that night. Forever and ever, i’ll do it for his eyes. They just killed me. I saw his finger when i was dancing. Appreciating the show i was giving with my friend under a table in that christmas fair. Enjoying my way to love music and dance. The craziest way. I started dreaming with the «eyes» of that flash. After that second that everything disappeared, but him and the haunt of his eyes; he actually disappeared… Until i was on my way. And all of sudden, he was in front of me. My heart started beating hard. Beating on my ears. He seduces me. He is so, but so sweet. He is so man. I still can see myself in that single instant, 15 years ago, heavily feeling exactly the way i feel right now. I trembled. My heart just stop shacking when we called it a night… And after that, i just forgot him. I can`t understand why, but from the very first night, he haunted my consciousness. My dreams. My thinking. Couldn’t understand why my nights were asking for something, my body was wishing for someone.

Days later, i was at home when the phone rang:

-Hi, it’s me

-Yep, was waiting for your call. So sorry, but i just don’t remember who you are. I really feel ashamed actually… but that night was a crazy thing… I barely remember nothing… And unfortunately, i forgot who you are… so sorry

-It’s ok, i’m the last one you talked with. You were on your way, and you gave me this phone number, and since then, i’ve been calling you. Do you remember the guy with the «finger»?

-Oh my God, of course! Is it you? So really sorry, i’m dying of shame. I remember who you are.

-For me, it’s more than enough

-I am really sorry. What can i do for you?

-You can have a drink with me sometimes

-I’d really love to…

Hours later, they were having their first date. An amazing one. They started having a drink, a movie, a walk… He met her family. So did she. She just discovered real emotion. Real tenderness. Strong sensations. She liked him. Immediatly. She remembered the nights dreaming with those black and deep eyes. She realized that she’d been always dreaming with him, since the very first time she saw them. As the days were passing by, knowing him, she discovered a wonderful person, a good guy, a genuine man. She fall in love. Dangerously. Badly. She just died in those eyes that night.

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