For long time, i’ve been thinking about this column about BOKO HARAM’s conflict. I firstly thought about this article in spanish or french. I finally decide myself for the universal language. Oscar Wilde’s language: Inglish. Hoping for racional understanding. Open-minded one. Is that logical? How human can behave so, but so cruel, cold and with that significant lack of empathy thats scares?

FROM WHERE DID IT STARTED??? Needless to mention that it started with the beginning of human story. I don’t even want to hear about it. Unless if for you all, it reason enough to accept it and live with it. For this unknow writer and for the free thinking, i prefer ever accept it. Much less live with it.

I couldn’t help but wonder about the reason. And as long as i’m getting older, i just start having an idea about it: 

What is it about getting older? Why do we celebrate a year older every single year? Are we getting wiser while we are getting older? Do we really deserve «white hair» sometimes? As spanish used to say: «De qué nos sirven los años»? I will never understand that a person can take another’s one life because of his narcissistic delirious mind and behave. Because of his unability to control his instinct, to actually, take racionally and logically things up to him. I will never; understand that you can kill, torture, treat worse than bad your brotherhood, neighbourhood and land and country… Your ressembles… Because of your unability to dialogue, to talk that thalk, to franckly speak.

It is so, but so sad. And much more because in my humble opinion, it’s up to us, African people. Since slavery, we, African people, have been claiming for freedom. Free expression. Free this, free that… Freedom. If MADIBA were alive, what would he have do? how hurts would he feel, listening about the genuine animal being in BOKO HARAM’s. I just don’t know for the greatest MADIBA; but for this writer, i am deeply ashamed. So shame on me, shame on us.

As black woman and as african woman, I feel sad, ashamed. The more i learn and developp my knowledgement and understanding, the more i find that kind of things unthinkable. And i just thank GOD that i am not the passive way volunteer. Maybe no one read these lines. But i would have try my best to change things for better and act in favour of a better world. A better future. For all of us.

I just cannot beleive in a race that claims for freedom since ever, and at the same time; have been killing in all the ways since ever. We just like to show us as moderators. But deeply, our anger is getting stronger and stronger. From slavery to actually, we’ve been coming (and suppose to learned) for a long way. We’ve got good exemples. The story of black race is full of them. What would have say Martin Luther King? And Thomas Sankara? and all those amazing people, whose make us be proud of our blackness, proud of what we are able to do if we take it up to us in good moods. 

We cannot go up and down, claiming for something we are not able to give. Claiming for freedom while we are killing our roots. Literally… Talking about BOKO HARAM’s, i just wonder: what about people He cares? Can this man imagine a person, someone killing his/her elder son, mother, father or else; the way He and his people are killing on this video. Treating humans as animals: throat cut-off and trash them worse than garbage. Sadly sad.

Cannot help but wonder untill when we will allow this cruent reality. Allow it, accept it and live with it. The passive way. For Christ’s sake, let’s do something good for us, our future. The young Central African army forces, facing that threat, social worry, real menace. And struggling for their rights, human rights; need more from every single of us than ever: They need us to be their voice, eyes, strenght, thank them and cheer them up because they are keeping our territory safe. Giving their lives to every single of central african blackness.

Franckly speaking, will we someday stop our selfishness and hypocrism, in order to really look and go forward a newly improved black future? Shall we really think about it? Or are we going to turn the dialogue weapon on a taking-life weapon? Are we going to less or quit the worth of words? turn them into water? «les esclaves deviennent les esclavagistes»? Let’s be sure before we close some doors. Before we roll those dice, we must think twice.

À bon entendeur…


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